Renia Carsillo, Author / Web Wonk / Activator at Genevieve Enterprises, LLC | WiseIntro Portfolio
Renia Carsillo, Digital Strategist / Trainer / Activator at Genevieve Digital | WiseIntro Portfolio

Renia Carsillo

Digital Strategist / Trainer / Activator

Genevieve Digital

With a background in ecommerce platform development, social media strategy, corporate training, and management, Renia's real-world experience helps bridge the gap between your business and your perspective customers.

Renia and her team help community leaders optimize their impact. We do this by taking the guess-work and prayers out of digital marketing. If you're looking for feisty, systematic, and practical help making more money online, Renia would love to talk to you. Give us a call or click the link to your right to book a 30-minute consultation.

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